Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a difficult or unwanted property that you need to sell? If so, you will likely have a few questions about the process and the next steps. Below are some of the questions we receive most often from homeowners in the Waco area that need to sell a house. If there is anything else you would like to know, don’t hesitate to ask! We are happy to help (254) 307-2891

Q:  How is your process different from listing on the MLS?
A:  When you work with Rudolph The Home Buyer , you won’t have to worry about costs or wasted time. We will handle all of the details and close within just a few days. We buy as-is, so you will not need to spend your time and money fixing up the property.

Q:  How are your offer prices determined?
A:  First, we will look at recent sales in your area, then at the condition of your property. We always make fair offers for houses and commercial properties, and will never put you under any obligation.

Q:  What makes you different from other buyers?
A:  Our business was founded to help our family with the extraordinary costs of caring for a disabled child. Over the years, we have come to realize that we are able to provide incredible solutions for distressed homeowners. It is through helping others that we find our greatest joy. Rudolph The Home Buyer goes above and beyond. We can help you with moving costs or let you stay in the home after we have purchased it!

Q:  I need to sell a house. Where are you currently buying properties?
A: Rudolph The Home Buyer is buying houses in Round Rock, Waco, San Antonio, Killeen, Belton, Port Aransas, Temple, Lake LBJ, and in many other parts of Texas. We are buying commercial properties too!

Q:  How does Rudolph The Home Buyer help local communities?
A: The Mission of the RTHB Group (Rudolph the Home Buyer and Rudolph the Home Seller) is to be a leader in the community towards the continued beautification and revitalization of the areas we serve. Through the purchase of distressed properties and property revitalization methods, we are providing the community access to affordable housing. Access to the “American Dream” has and always will be the pillar of our collective work as a company.

Q:  What can I expect after providing my property information?
A: Once we receive your property information, we will immediately get to work researching your property. Only if it makes sense will we make an offer. Our goal isn’t to lowball you or steer you away from the MLS. Instead, we want to provide options to home sellers dealing with challenging properties or situations,

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