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Our Mission

The Mission of the RTHB Group (Rudolph the Home Buyer and Rudolph the Home Seller) is to be a leader in the community toward the continued beautification and revitalization of the areas we serve. Through the purchase of distressed properties and property revitalization methods, we are providing the community access to funding as well as affordable housing to better promote a more just and equal society. Access to the “American Dream” has and always will be the pillar of our collective work as a company.

How Our Process Works

How the Process Works

More About Who We Are

First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit our website. You may be wondering who we are and who you would be working with. Well, that is me. My name is Matt and that is a picture of my beautiful family. I am a veteran of the United States Army and have been helping people sell their homes fast for years.

Our core mission is to provide you with all your options whether that is selling with an agent or going with a cash buyer. We never charge fees, we offer quick, no-hassle offers with little disturbance to your already busy lives. If you are wanting to Sell Your Home Fast, we are the most trusted and respected home buying service in Central Texas.

I started our company with the intention of providing an easy way for sellers to sell their homes without the hassles of the traditional methods. We buy houses of any condition with the purpose of typically reselling them to veterans via owner finance.

Get a Great Offer for Your Office Space!

If you own vacant, old, or unwanted office space, Rudolph The Home Buyer would love to make you an offer. We are buying office space in Waco and throughout Texas. Call today to learn more. (254) 307-2891

A Better Way To Sell Office Space in TX

At Rudolph The Home Buyer , we work with distressed property owners to help them find the best solutions available. We can buy your office space in Waco and close when you are ready.

We are a professional home buyer that offers fair and hassle-free solutions to people wanting to sell their office space in Waco, TX. If you own office space or commercial property that no longer makes sense for your situation, reach out to us to find out what we can do!

Sell Your Office Space As-Is

Putting office space on the market can require a lot of time and money. Finding a buyer can take months, then you will have to wait for the arduous escrow process.

When you work with Rudolph The Home Buyer , you will quickly learn that there is a better way. Our tea is buying office space and commercial property in Waco and throughout Texas. If you want to sell your office space without any costs, red tape, or wasted time, Rudolph The Home Buyer can help. We have seen it all and can help with any distressed property in the Waco area. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do to help you. (254) 307-2891

What Our Happy Clients Are Saying…

Divorce is hard – Buying from Rudolph is not

My wife and I separated in May and we decided that we would sell our house and split the proceeds during our divorce. Neither of us wanted a long drawn out sale so we gave RudolphTheHomeBuyer.com a chance and called them. Matt was very professional and told us he would need 3 hours to drive by our property and he would call us back. He called back and gave us an offer. We told him we wanted to get two more cash offers. WE called two other companies (BTW most of these buyers are not local) one guy was from Miami and the other was from Seattle when we looked them up. Well, Matt’s offer was the highest and he was the only one to be honest with us from the start. Given how hard our situation was Matt was great to work with. He brought us the contract, took the contract to the title company, kept us updated throughout the process. In the end, we had our check within 10 days!


Foreclosure avoided

“We received a mailer from Matthew and decided to call him as we needed to sell our fast to avoid losing everything. Matt walked us through the steps of how the letter we received worked, which put our minds at ease. In the end, Matthew put us in touch with an attorney that he knows and we were able to Keep our Home! Never did Barb or I feel like Matt was trying to take our property and boy were we right as he worked with us to help us keep our home. He didn’t have to do that and to be honest the agent we called told me we were pretty much out of luck in terms of sale my house fast. A really honest man.

-Tony and Barb

What Do You Have To Lose? Get Started Now...

Rudolph The Home Buyer is not a large company. In fact it is one army veteran who, Like You, had issues in his life that required him to sell a home quickly. In trying to sell my house quickly I experienced how hard it was to get an honest, fair price offer. It was then I decided to start my own company and do it better! Put your address and email below and get a cash offer in 24 hours!
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We buy office space in Waco, TX, and the surrounding areas. If you have vacant or unwanted office space that you no longer wish to own, find out what Rudolph The Home Buyer can pay you for your property!