The History of Rudolph the Home Buyer

 How we got our start?

Rudolph the Home Buyer began as a way to secure a future for my daughter, Avery, who has a rare disorder called Moebius Syndrome. I sat up many nights and worried about what would happen to Avery when I was gone. Who would take care of her? Would her brothers want to take on such a monumental task? Was it even their responsibility? They would be adults, with their own lives, and I was going to ask them to shoulder the responsibilities of taking care of a special needs adult? I knew I was not going to allow Avery to be put into a home and locked away from the world. Not now, not ever. This became my motivation for creating Rudolph the Home Buyer. I wanted to make some extra money and provide her with the life she deserves.

Our Mission

The Mission of the RTHB Group (Rudolph the Home Buyer and Rudolph the Home Seller) is to be a leader in the community toward the continued beautification and revitalization of the areas we serve. Through the purchase of distressed properties and property revitalization methods, we are providing the community access to funding as well as affordable housing to better promote a more just and equal society. Access to the “American Dream” has and always will be the pillar of our collective work as a company.

Who is Rudolph?

Well, Rudolph is a reindeer of course. I decided on the name, Rudolph the Home Buyer, because we love Christmas, and the name is one that everyone knows. I wish there was a better story on the name, but it is simply based on the love of Christmas and name recognition. In 2015 we purchased our first property at 800 N 14th Street, Waco TX and the rest is history.

I believe that house had a tree growing in the middle of it. Seriously, there was a tree in the middle of the house. But that house taught me a lot – I messed up a lot too. But it showed me how buying distressed properties can be a win-win for both the buyer and the seller in the transaction. I was determined to make it work and I did. I worked nights and weekends with my family, and we fixed up that property and were able to owner finance it to a nice family, who still owns it to this day.

I saw firsthand how buying houses that were not habitable provided a win-win to both the seller and me, the buyer. Often people get these homes, and they don’t have an option to fix them up due to many reasons and the house becomes a huge burden. They must maintain the lawns, pay the taxes, and keep squatters out. Homeowners often feel trapped if they don’t have the financial means to fix up these houses and not many places to turn. That is when contacting a homebuyer makes sense. In the case of 800 N 14th and most all our other purchases, we have provided much-needed relief to stressed-out homeowners by alleviating them from the financial liability of these homes.

Rudolph The Home Buyer has bought some 70 homes in the Waco area and every step of the way we pride ourselves on being as open and honest as possible. This industry has a lot of bad actors who are simply out there to take as much of the seller’s equity as they can. We are not. Rudolph The Home Buyer has no sales pitch. Read our reviews, I will tell you if you should or should not sell to a homebuyer. Rudolph the Home Buyer is committed to ensuring we provide integrity in all our transactions. Our anti-sales pitch is essentially this – there are reasons to sell to a home buyer and there are reasons not to. But we are a business, so obviously the price is going to be less than if you listed the property yourself. These are things I will always explain to potential clients because, in the end, we both must feel like we got a good deal. You should never feel like one side gets everything and the other gets nothing. That is not good business.

Meet Matt Giannini

Thank you for visiting the website. I hope it has the resources you are looking for. We would love the opportunity to speak with you about your selling needs. A little about Rudolph The Home Buyer .

I am from Iowa, but as they say, I got here as fast as possible – I have been in Texas since 1997.  I arrived in Texas via the US Army and was stationed at Fort Hood.

My wife and I both grew up in very small towns and we still carry the small-town mentality that your reputation is your most important asset. Our business model is simple and there are absolutely no gimmicks. We provide sellers with fair and honest offers, period. When you contact us we promise to explore all options – even if that means telling you that selling to a cash buyer is not the right fit – which we do on a regular basis. We always want our customers to get a winning outcome as our reputation depends on it. Click here to check out our Business Bureau page and our reviews.

What We’re All About…

Rudolph the Home Buyer is a small, veteran-owned business.  We buy houses throughout TX and have been providing sellers financial relief in the Waco area for many years. Our approach to doing business very straightforward. We can help if you are dealing with foreclosure, repairs, probate, or back taxes.  At Rudolph The Home Buyer , we focus on providing you with a quick no-obligation cash offer for your house.

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